Free Vinyl Pricing Calculator

Here’s a free vinyl pricing calculator that you can use for vinyl pricing and for anything other type of decoration you sell by size for that matter.

Free Vinyl Pricing Calculator

Why are we sharing a free vinyl calculator?

The reason we’re sharing the vinyl pricing calculator with you is that we just added a handy new feature to Fast Accurate Bids called “Other Decorations.”

Other Decorations lets you quickly and easily set up apparel decoration pricing for any decoration technique that is based on size. So, whether it’s for vinyl, sublimation, transfers, decals, rhinestones, or whatever, if you want to create apparel decoration bids easily and quickly, Fast Accurate Bids can help.

Here’s how the Other Decorations feature works

To use the Other Decorations in Fast Accurate Bids, all you have to do is provide a name for the decoration and a price on our Profile Settings Page.

And then, select the decoration from our Design and Pricing Page, whenever you want to use it in a customer bid.

You can set up the decoration choices for the same decoration in different sizes or for different decoration techniques; it’s entirely up to you. And, because you can have as many pricing profiles as you want, there is no limit within Fast Accurate Bids for the number of Other Decorations you offer.

Fast Accurate Bids does the rest, it calculates the amount based on the item’s cost, your decoration charge and the quantity.

This is a feature in our latest software that you can get from Check out our 30 Day Free Trial and let Fast Accurate Bids help you create your customer bids faster, easier, and with greater confidence in your pricing.

Who created the vinyl calculator?

A big shout out to Scott who created the free vinyl calculator and makes it available for use. Scott who? We really don’t know. He didn’t give his last name when we contacted him. He graciously gave us permission to share his calculator and about himself said only that he’s involved with cutting custom vinyl, mostly through websites.

So, thanks Scott for letting us share your free vinyl pricing calculator. We’re giving you the Apparel Decoration Masked Man Award.


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