Fast Accurate Bids User’s Manual

  • The User’s Manual describes how to create customer bids and detailed information on how to approach the bid process.  It gives lists of things to note when using the various features the software provides. Click the heading above to view the manual.

Fast Accurate Bids Shop Owner’s Manual

  • The Shop Owner’s Manual covers setting up and managing Fast Accurate Bids.  Topics include using the pricing profiles to set pricing, using the supplier connectors to update the supplier pricing, editing the Word template, and setting up password protection. Click the heading above to view the manual.

Fast Accurate Bids Quick Start Guide

  • A one page printable quick start guide showing the steps in creating a bid with Fast Accurate Bids. Click the heading above to view the quick start guide.

What’s New

  • A release-by-release description of how our software has changed and improved over time.

Free Apparel Decoration Order Form

  • A simple apparel decoration order form to help you keep the orders in your shop organized.

Free Price List Tool

  • The Price List Tool can be used to test your price list for consistency, check it for errors, and update the pricing. Fast Accurate Bids uses the Price List Tool as an advanced diagnostic test to help the subset of their customers who are interested in setting up Fast Accurate Bids to produce the same pricing they currently use.  To use the tool requires that you have a copy of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

Our videos

  • Watch how to create finished bids in less than 2 minutes each.


Free Vinyl Pricing Calculator

  • Here’s a free vinyl pricing calculator that you can use for vinyl pricing and for anything other type of decoration you sell by size for that matter.


Free Screen Printing Pricing Spreadsheet

  • Here’s a link for the free screen printing spreadsheet.







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