Program Setup

Steps to get Fast Accurate Bids ready to produce bids to send to your clients, with pricing to match your current business pricing model, apparel prices from the suppliers up-to-date, and the Word template customize, if desired.

1) Choose a Pricing Profile from Built-In Pricing

1a) Or Customize a Profile to Match Your Current Pricing

2)  Set Taxes

3)  Update Supplier Pricing Files

4)  Customize Word Template, if desired

5)  Creating Your First Bid

1) Choose a Pricing Profile from Built-In Pricing

Pricing Profiles control the bid pricing. With profiles, the same item, with the same cost, and the same quantity and the same decorations can give you different pricing to the client using different profiles. Here is an example of what differences profiles make. You control the amount you charge your customer.


Fast Accurate Bids comes with a number of built-in pricing profiles. From 1 Lowest to 5 Highest, you can pick from one other built-in profiles or create your own. Every business has it's own profit goals and costs, so Fast Accurate Bids has created Pricing Profiles to let you control the bids.


If you don't know which profile to use, 3 Middle Price Bid is a good, profitable pricing structure.


Notes on profiles: A pricing profile contains all the charges, markups, discounts, and other settings that are used as the variables for determine a bid’s pricing. You can use the built-in pricing profiles without changes for creating bids and for create your own customized pricing profiles.

How to choose a Profile

Built-In Pricing Profiles

1a) Or Customize a Profile to Match Your Current Pricing

How to: Customizing Profiles

You can edit any of the build-in pricing profiles but will need to save the updated profile with a different name. These profiles get updated and replaced each time that Fast Accurate Bids issues a new release.


If you’re new to the apparel decoration industry and uncertain about what to charge, you can start immediately by using the built-in pricing profiles.


If you’re a seasoned apparel decoration business owner and want to customize the pricing for your particular business, the only thing you need to do is save the built-in pricing profiles you find useful to a different name and then make the changes you want. Creating your own set of pricing profiles will allow you to generate bids that accurately reflect your current business model and pricing


How to: The power of multiple profiles.

2) Set Taxes

Choose Tax Rate field retains a list of the last seven tax rates used in the order there were entered.

As you make sales in taxing jurisdictions that have different tax rates, you can enter the new rate by selecting the rate in the field and changing it.

3) Update Apparel Supplier Price Files

How to: Update Supplier Prices

Because the pricing for items changes frequently, it’s essential that the Fast Accurate Bids Choose Item table always has the most recent data. A field at the lower left of the Choose Item Page displays how long it's been since the supplier's pricing file was last updated. It is up to you to update each of your supplier pricing files. The Update Supplier Prices button on the Choose Item Page lets you do this.


The term “supplier connectors” refers to the software programs within Fast Accurate Bids that allow you to download the pricing files for the suppliers you work with. Before you start using the software to create actual customer bids, be sure to update each of your supplier connectors so that you have current pricing information.  How to perform this task is described in detail in the section in this manual called Updating supplier pricing files.

4)  Customize Word Template, if desired

How to: Customize Word Template

The Microsoft Word template that is shipped with Fast Accurate Bids allows you to efficiently incorporate the calculated bid information into a finished document that can be sent to your customer. How to open the template and edit it to display your company’s logo and the standard text that you routinely use is described in detail in the chapter in this manual called Adapting the Microsoft Word Template.

5)  Creating the First Bid

First Bid

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