Pricing Profiles

Pricing Profiles, the power of Fast Accurate Bids

Profiles set the pricing for bids and the price lists. And YOU control the profiles.

Here are two examples of the differences profiles make in bids. Same item cost, same number, same decorations.

Example 1:

24 items, printed one color on one side.


The only difference is the profile used.

Example 2:

48 items, printed 3 colors on the front and 2 colors on the back


The only difference is the profile used.

A pricing profile contains all the charges, markups, discounts, and other settings that are used as the variables for determine a bid’s pricing.


You can use the built in pricing profiles as they are or edit the profiles to meet your business needs. Create as many pricing profiles as needed.


Fast Accurate Bids comes with a set of five built-in pricing profiles for most users and 6 embroidery profiles,

Note: The embroidery profiles have quantity breaks for smaller orders, otherwise the same pricing structure.

Profiles are the key to bid and price list pricing.

The differences Pricing Profiles makes biding totally adjustable and profiles can be changed in a single bid from Line Item to Line Item.

Examples of the differences profiles make in bids.

Each of these grids is based on different priced items, from $0.00, $1.75 up to $6.00

The only difference is the profile. The profiles were designed so that as the number in the name of the profile goes up, the price to the customer goes up. Again, the profiles are adjustable, so if you start with a profile that is close to what you charge now, editing it is easy.

  1. The first column is the profile name - with item cost,
  2. The second column is the each price to the customer including items, screen, and printing
  3. The third column is the total project price to the customer including items, screen, and printing.

Note how the price to the customer goes up as the profile name goes up.

Pick the profile that closest matches what you are charging.

Click here to go the page to Match Your Current Pricing with FAB profile pricing


A bid to your customer is created one line item at a time, a line item is created by picking a profile, picking an item, decorating the item, entering the number of items in this one line item and sending it to the line item page.


The pricing profiles that start with 1 - Lowest Price Bid and go to 5 - Highest Price Bid are intended for screen printing bids.  For embroidery bids, the built-in pricing profiles start with Embroidery 1-Head Low Bid and go to Embroidery 6-Head High Bid.

The screen printing settings for the built-in pricing are based on an industry-wide survey of pricing. The embroidery settings are based on recommendations by industry expert, Deborah Jones.


Important: When using the built-in pricing profiles, keep in mind that they do not take into account considerations that may be important to your particular business. Fast Accurate Bids offers the built-in pricing profiles as a starting point and highly recommends that you take the time to create a set of custom pricing profiles for your business.

Profile Settings Page, showing settings for 3 Middle Price Bid

Profile Management, where you pick a profile, and save new profiles.

Overhead Charges including Decoration Markup and Commission.

Item Section, including Item Quantity Markups, Item Overhead, and Commission.

With Estimated Supplier Shipping and Supplier Minimum Shipping.

Screen Printing Section, including  Screen Quantity Markups, Check-In and Layout, Screen Charges, Screen Printing, Ink, Flash etc,, and Commission.

Embroidery Section, including  Exclude Overhead Charges, Embroidery Minimum Charge Price per 1000 Stitches, and Embroidery Quantity Breaks.   WITH Exclude Overhead Charges Checked.

Embroidery Section, Embroidery Minimum Charge, Price per 1000 Stitches, Embroidery Quantity Breaks, Decoration Markup and Commission.      WITH Exclude Overhead Charges UN-Checked.

Exclude Overhead Charges OFF


Embroidery Minimum Charge set at    $3.97

Embroidery Qty Breaks at 12 items        0%

Check-In                                                .25

Decoration Markup                                   50%

Commission                                          15%

Item Calculated Price = $7.50

Other Decorations Section, Other Decorations Charges, and Other Decorations Quantity Breaks.     WITH Exclude Overhead Charges Checked.

Names / Number Charges, and Custom Bagging and Folding.

WITH Exclude Overhead Charges Checked.

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