Design and Pricing Page

The Design and Pricing Page is your main workspace for creating bids.  This is the page where you enter the customer information, the decoration tasks, and the pricing adjustments. It provides you with quick access to the Choose Item Page for selecting the items for decoration and allows you to quickly send finished line item information to the Line Items Page.


Fast Accurate Bids is designed to create quotes on a line item by line item basis.  For example, if a customer wants a bid for a two-color image on quantities of 50 and 100 shirts, you would enter the information for the first line item of 50 shirts on the Design and Pricing page, send it to the Line Items Page, then return to the Design and Pricing Page and change the quantity to 100 and send the second line to the line items page.

You can fill out the information on this page in any order that you want depending the way that you most like to create your bids.  For example, you only need to enter the customer information once and can do so at any time before finishing by sending the bid to Word.


The amount that is charged for the choices you make on this page is controlled by the currently selected pricing profile. It's important to check the Choose Profile field to make sure that you are using the pricing profile you want for the bid.

Things to Note

•         If you do not see the Show Settings button, it means that your shop owner has set up a password for Fast Accurate Bids and you are using the program in user mode.  You can switch to Owner mode by entering your password into the Enter Password field on the Design and Pricing Page and then pressing the Tab key.


•         In User Mode the Show Pricing Analysis button is also removed from the Design and Pricing Page


Specifying the quantity and selecting the decoration tasks

The Design and Pricing Page allows rapid entry of the decoration tasks and pricing you want associated with a line item. Begin by specifying the quantity for the line item and selecting the decoration tasks. Fast Accurate Bids provides two fields for quantity. Item Qty is for the quantity for this particular line item.


Project Qty is for screen printing mixed item bids.  If the customer wants the same decoration on different types of items, select the check box for Project Qty and enter the total quantity of items for the bid in the Project Quantity field.


The fields and check boxes for specifying the decoration tasks are organized by area of the item.  The check box at the top of each area allows you to activate it. Unless the activation check box has been selected, the area for the decoration choices will be blank.


Things to note

• The quantity pricing breaks on item markup, screen printing discounts, embroidery discounts, and other decoration discounts are taken from tables on the currently selected Fast Accurate Bids pricing profile.


• To view the settings for the pricing profile, click the Show Settings button at the bottom of the Design and Pricing Page.  If you do not see this button, it means that your shop owner has set up a password for Fast Accurate Bids and you are using the program in user mode.


• The Fast Accurate Bids Shop Owner’s Manual documents the pricing profiles and how to use the Profile Settings Page to configure them for your business.  It also provides information on setting a password for Fast Accurate Bids and the difference between User Mode and Owner Mode when using the software.


• The combination of the Item Qty and the Project Qty fields allows you to automatically calculate the best possible pricing for your customers when you are screen printing the same image on a mix of items such as T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc.  Use the Item Qty field for the quantity for the current line item. Use the Project Qty field for total number of items to be printed with the same image.


• If you do not see the decoration choices, select the check box for the area (Front, Back, Left, and Right) to reveal the choices for the decoration.

Adjusting the pricing


The pricing area is at the right side of the Design and Pricing Page.  The top of this area shows the item costs.  Select the cost category that is appropriate for the line item.  For example, if you get case pricing from your supplier, make sure that Case Cost is selected.


When an item is added to the Design and Pricing page, the field Set Shipping Charge is set to $0.00. If you know that you will have to pay for shipping the items to your shop and you know the amount, then change the amount in Set Shipping Charge to that amount. If you are uncertain of the amount you’ll have to pay for shipping, then select the radio button Calculated Shipping to add the estimated amount Fast Accurate Bids calculates to cover your shipping cost.


Check Choose Tax Rate, and if it needs to be changed, enter the correct rate for the order.  For your convenience, Fast Accurate Bids provides a drop-down list of the last eight tax rates that have been entered.

The Item Calculated Price and Total Calculated Price fields show the pricing the Fast Accurate Bids software proposes.  These prices are based on the choices you have made and the associated values on the Profile Settings Page. They are display fields and cannot be changed.

Fast Accurate Bids has been designed so that if your company takes the time to create a set of pricing profiles for your particular pricing policy, then almost all the line item entry will be done at this point and there will be no need to adjust the pricing.



Things to note

• The Set Net Cost field lets you override the item cost.  For example, if you get a good buy on a closeout from the supplier and you are willing to pass along this savings to your customer, this field can be used for entering the price at which you got the closeout items.


• The Set Shipping Charge is provided to recoup any charges you incur for having items shipped to you from your supplier.  If you know what this charge is, you can enter the exact amount in this field.  If you are uncertain about what shipping will cost you, you can use a calculated shipping amount by selecting Calculated Shipping.


• Fast Accurate Bids automatically updates the pricing fields whenever you make a change and then tab out of the field.


• The Fast Accurate Bids Pricing Analysis Page provides detailed information on the contribution of each charge and discount to the calculated price for the current line item. It provides a useful tool if you have questions regarding the calculated prices.


• Clicking the Recalculate button manually forces Fast Accurate Bids to calculate the prices based on the currently selected choices on this screen. This feature is convenient if you change the value in a field and would like to update the price information without actually tabbing out of the field.


• You can turn off and back on again the display of the item cost information by clicking the button with the eye icon ( ).  This button is provided on the Design and Pricing Page, the Choose Item Page, and the Custom Item Page.  Clicking it on any of these pages hides or shows the information for the other two pages as well.  Consider hiding your item costs when you have a customer present while doing their bid.