Customizing the Microsoft Word Template for Bids

The Fast Accurate Bids software has an associated Microsoft Word template that generates the Word file to which the line items table and customer contact information is copied. This is the last step in creating the bid.


The template is called Fast Accurate Bids Template.dotx and is located in the folder My Documents/Fast Accurate Bids.


To adapt the template to your company,


1. Open Microsoft Word and from the File menu open the file My Documents/Fast Accurate Bids/Documents/Fast Accurate Bids Template.dotx.

  • Note:  You must open the file by right-clicking and selecting Open from the menu that appears.
  • Opening the file by double-clicking on it will result in opening it as a document file.

2.  Add the letterhead for your company to the top of the page.


3.  Edit or replace the text with standard information that you provide when you send a bid to a customer.


  • Do not delete the words For: and Date: at the top of the file or <Estimate>, which is toward the end of the file.
  • These are special terms that the Fast Accurate Bids software uses to incorporate the bid information into the file.


4.  When you have finished the edits you want to make to this file, select Save As from the File menu, save the changes and close the file.

Fast Accurate Bids Template.dotx without any editing.

Customized Template ready for bid

Customized Template with bid

Things to Note

In case you need it, Fast Accurate Bids provides a backup copy of the word template in My Documents/Fast Accurate Bids/Documents called Fast Accurate Bids Template (copy).dotx.


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