Fast Accurate Bids, using your pricing, creates

Price Lists for screen printing and

Bids, Quotes and Estimates for screen printing, embroidery, or any apparel decoration.


Price Lists

Using Your pricing structure with Pricing Profiles

with Any Item and with Any Item Cost

Fast Accurate Bids Has Built In Pricing Profiles:

  • 5 Screen Printing Profiles
  • 6 Embroidery Profiles
  • Easily adjusted profiles to keep up with the prices and the competition


Profiles are completely adjustable:

  • User Defined Markups on Items and Decorations
  • Cost Plus markups for pricing
  • Easily adjusted profiles to keep up with the Competition


Create more than one type of Profile for each type of Client and Customer, each gets their own pricing structure

  • Retail Customers, i.e. off the street
  • Wholesale Customers
  • Contract Decoration and Printing
  • Special Clients, i.e., schools, churches


So the Correct Pricing is... Different Pricing Profiles for Different Customers and/or Different jobs.


Fast Accurate Bids can Easily Do This!

Every Bid Needs to be...  Done QUICKLY.

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